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Advantages & Disadvantages of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a type of lighting setup where the lights are embedded in the ceiling. In other words, the lights are recessed into the ceiling. These are also known as can lights since they consist of a bulb inside of a can housed in the ceiling. This type of lighting setup can be an aesthetic and efficient form of lighting, but like anything, has its disadvantages as well. In general, these lights have a clean, minimalist feel and make for nice design in certain types of homes, but ultimately the decision comes down to personal taste. Here is a brief look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of recessed lighting setups.

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The primary advantage of recessed lighting in terms of practicality is that they are out of the way and save on space. If you are going for a minimalist design in a room, recessed lighting can be a nice option. They feature a clean, simple look along a ceiling that other types of lighting may lack since there is no external hardware.The unobtrusiveness of the lighting style also enables the lighting to suit any type of decor in the room. Recessed lighting is also lightweight and unobstructive. Of course, the quality of the lighting is really what lighting fixtures comes down to, and recessed lighting can offer a nice, evenly distributed light with adjustable brightness levels.


The most obvious disadvantage of recessed lighting is the cost. Installing recessed lighting requires sizing and cutting holes in ceiling for the lighting ‘can’. The cost of cutting the holes, adding housing, insulating the cans, and buying bulbs can make recessed lighting a pricey project. Additionally, safety may be a concern with recessed lighting since attic insulation often covers the tops of the fixtures. Because of this, lights should be properly housed in the attic and insulated to limit heat emissions. Make sure this is done by an experienced professional. There is also the issue of permanency with recessed lights. They are fixed in the ceiling from the moment of installation and can only be moved by repairing the holes and removing each of the lights, the wiring, and completely reconfiguring the lighting setup. Consider the permanency of the lighting before having recessed light installed. While this may or may not be a huge issue, it is still a necessary consideration when contemplating the style of lighting you want to have in a room. If the design and layout of the room changes, you may want to incorporate a light fixture or another style of lighting, such as track lighting. Recessed lighting eliminates this option and requires a complete lighting overhaul.

The right lighting can make your home the relaxing place you look forward to returning to at the end of a long day. Recessed lighting can transform the ambiance in your house to create any feel you want. For more useful lighting tips and tricks or any questions about a electrical projects, contact JP Electric at (801) 386-7331. We do installations, repairs, and give expert advice!