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Electrical Maintenance

Why Does My Electrical Outlet Feel Hot?

Have you noticed that an outlet in your bathroom has been feeling warm when you unplug your electronics from it? Does it remain warm even when there is nothing plugged into it? An electrical outlet that is warm or hot to the touch is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Read more about…

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Common Home Electrical Panel Problems

To control the home’s power and resolve problems, it is often necessary to access this panel. Problems with the electrical service in your home can often be sourced to the electrical panel box.

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Why is it Important to Ground Electricity?

If you move into an older house, you may come to realize that some of the electrical outlets aren’t grounded. This can be bad for your home. As soon as you can, get the problem mended to get the most out of your home, and make sure you will be able to use all your…

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Why DIY Electrical Work Is Dangerous

Some of the risks of DIY electrical: 1. Fire 2. Bodily Injury 3. Fatality 4. Property Damage Possible Errors: Incorrect bulb wattage Replacing a lightbulb isn’t always as simple as it’s made out to be, putting in a lamp with the wrong wattage could lead to an electrical fire. Improper use of electrical wire When it…

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7 Warning Signs of Dangerous Electrical Problems

No matter how new or aged, most home electrical problems will show warning signs before becoming dangerous and serious. As a homeowner it is important to know these signs to prevent any possible dangerous situations from occurring. By making the necessary repairs you can avoid electrocution and damage to your home. Depending on your level…

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