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Energy Efficient

8 Summer Energy Saving Tips

Summer is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of hot days ahead of us still. It is not to late to start saving energy in your home before fall. Below are 8 simple ways to save energy and money for the rest of the summer! Energy Saving Tips Set…

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Where is Most of Your Electricity Being Used?

Throughout your home there are a few appliances that have been known to consume more energy than the others through electricity. Be aware of where these appliances are in your home, and how to make these rooms more energy efficient. Electricity in the Kitchen   Although the appliances in your kitchen may not be the…

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Energy Saving Ways to Stay Cool

The intense heat of summer makes finding ways to stay cool essential for comfort and safety. Unfortunately, staying cool often means dealing with high energy costs and attempting to negotiate a balance between high energy bills and comfort in the heat. The costs of running air conditioners can be high and place more strain on…

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Electric Ranges vs Gas Ranges

For cooking enthusiasts, the decision between owning an electric or gas range is a big influencer in the overall cooking experience. Some swear that the open flame enhances versatility and ease of preparing food where others are more partial to the lower cost, easier installation, and functions of electric ranges. While the preference for gas…

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3 Changes to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Around the home there are quite a few changes that can be made to move towards greater energy efficiency. These changes range from the small and simple to the increasingly complex. Take a look at some of the changes you can make within your own home, and how they will be able to reduce your…

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The Different Types of Light Bulbs

There are a few different types of light bulbs, each important in one way or another. Become familiar with these different types and learn when to use them. There are some that everybody should know about, others that may seem more foreign to most. Take a look at these five, learning more about them. Incandescent…

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