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3 Changes to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Around the home there are quite a few changes that can be made to move towards greater energy efficiency. These changes range from the small and simple to the increasingly complex. Take a look at some of the changes you can make within your own home, and how they will be able to reduce your energy bill, possibly lower than you ever thought was possible.


Stairs going up to attic
This solution doesn’t have anything to do with the electricity in your home, but it will have a huge impact on the amount of power you spend on heating and air every season. The optimal temperature in the home escapes through the walls and attic, leaving your appliances to work hard to make up the difference. Make sure that your attic has the insulation it needs.

In addition to this, the windows and doors are the places air is most likely to escape in your home. Make sure that the caulking and seal around these is still in good shape. If the caulking has begun to wear or deteriorate, it can be replaced. The small cost that you spend here will quickly show when your next power bill comes in. Make these changes now before the heat of summer settles in.

Energy Efficient Appliances

energy star
Although it is initially expensive to invest in new appliances, in the long run it is a change that will save you money. Look for those appliances that have the Energy Star rating, which have been regulated to use less energy when in use. It is impractical to switch these all up at once, but when the old ones go out, don’t hesitate to make the switch. There will come a point when it will be more cost effective to upgrade rather than trying to squeeze a couple more months out of a faulty appliance.

Replace the light bulbs
Incandescent light bulbs were at one point the most popular choice for homeowners, although now it is known that fluorescent bulbs are much better, not only for the lighting of the home but the electric bill as well. A fluorescent bulb will be initially more expensive, but save you over time as they not only use less energy, but will last for a much longer period of time. It is estimated that a fluorescent bulb will work somewhere between eight and twelve times longer than their incandescent counterparts. Don’t feel the need to go through your entire home at once and make the switch, but rather change to fluorescent when an incandescent bulb goes out. Even making this change gradually will have an impact on your electric bill with each switch.

There are many changes that can be made to move towards a more energy efficient home. Start out by switching the small things in your house like light bulbs when they go out and unplugging appliances when not in use then move to the bigger projects such as switching whole appliances and installing solar panels in your home. All of these changes will have a positive impact on your monthly power bill.


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