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Common Home Electrical Panel Problems

The home electrical panel is an essential access point for your home’s electrical system. To control the home’s power and resolve problems, it is often necessary to access this panel. Problems with the electrical service in your home can often be sourced to the electrical panel box. Some homes may have more than one panel with switches that control power to different areas of the house. These panels control the distribution of electricity throughout the home. If there is an electrical problem, it could be caused by a variety of potential problems within and outside of the panel. While you may be able to diagnose some of these yourself, you should have any problems resolved by a professional electrician. Here are a few common home electrical panel problems that you should be aware of.

Faulty Wiring

This is a more common problem than you may imagine. Careless, hurried, or inexperienced installations may adversely affect the wiring. Issues involving the wiring can include things like: breakers too large for the circuit and two circuits on a single breaker. Jumbled, intertwined wires across the center of the panel and double pole breakers powering two single circuits are also common signs of potentially faulty wiring in the panel box. Often, these problems are not very severe and can be easily resolved.

Damaged Cables

Service cables running from the power pole outside to the structural mount on your home can become damaged and affect the power supply to your home. These cables may be loose, unclamped, uninsulated, or damaged. Contact the utility company if you think these service cables may be responsible for a power problem.

Panel Moisture

The presence of excess moisture in the electrical panel could indicate a serious problem. Moisture accumulation on the panel could indicate a water leak or drainage problem in your pipes that is reaching the electrical panel. If you notice rust or white corrosion, the panel is likely water damaged and will need to be replaced. If you notice water damage or suspect it, do not tamper with the panel switches. Notify an electrician and have the panel replaced and the components inspected. If you have a leak or drainage problem, you will need to have that located and fixed as well.

Manufacturing Problems

Manufacturing issues with the electrical panel can include improperly installed fuses and circuits, but may involve more serious problems. If you suspect a manufacturing problem is responsible, the entire panel may need to be replaced, though this is not always the case. You should consult multiple electricians to determine which problems need to be resolved and which components need to be replaced. Breakers may be under or over crowded or fuses may need replacement.

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