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Why is it Important to Ground Electricity?

If you move into an older house, you may come to realize that some of the electrical outlets aren’t grounded. This can be bad for your home. As soon as you can, get the problem mended to get the most out of your home, and make sure you will be able to use all your electronics in any plug.

What is it?

Grounding the electrical in your home means connecting your electrical wiring and all the electrical equipment used to the earth. This is used to carry away any fault currents, preventing them from causing any harm. In most homes today, your electrical system is grounded to a metal pipe in the ground. There are various rods that can be set up to ground the entire house from problems.

There are certain appliances that are made to be grounded. These are electronics that have a third prong, and will not even stick into a plug that isn’t designed to be grounded. The extra prong is used as the link to the ground. There are some appliances that shouldn’t be grounded, especially when there are heating coils exposed. Even with this, it is best to have all the plugs in your home prepared for grounded devices.

The dangers of ground electricity

If you have been procrastinating getting the wiring in your home grounded, you are taking a bigger risk than you think. There are a few different problems that can arise from not having your electricity grounded:

  • Electrical overload – this will protect your appliances from an electrical overload, caused from surges in the electricity. There are a few different situations that would cause the electricity to surge in your home, but should this happen, grounding the electricity will lead it away from the appliances, rather than damaging them all. The earth works as the most efficient conductor to keep harmful amounts of electricity from entering your home
  • Stabilizing voltage – grounding the electricity will regulate the amount of electricity that flows into your outlets. This will help keep circuits running, avoiding an overload.
  • Direction – your electricity will be more efficient in the way it travels, making it easier to power exactly what you need.
  • Physical harm – not grounding your electricity can cause you serious harm. Get it grounded to prevent you and your family from being shocked.

Taking care of the electricity in your house is crucial. Not only can it save you time and money in the long run, but it can also save your life. At JP Electric, we can help sort things out for you, putting you on the right track for making your home safe.