Energy Saving Ways to Stay Cool

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Oozle Media

The intense heat of summer makes finding ways to stay cool essential for comfort and safety. Unfortunately, staying cool often means dealing with high energy costs and attempting to negotiate a balance between high energy bills and comfort in the heat. The costs of running air conditioners can be high and place more strain on fossil fuels and the environment over time. Reducing home cooling costs during the summer is a practical and environmentally responsible way to lessen your contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and save on monthly power bills. There are several good alternatives to running your air conditioner constantly to cool your home that will save you money and still keep you cool during the hot summer months. Here are a few easy tips.

Regulate the Thermostat

Monitoring your thermostat efficiently during the summer will help keep your energy costs down while keeping your house cool. Try and set the thermostat as high as comfortable during the summer. Your monthly power bill will be lower the smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures are. While away from home, keep the thermostat higher than normal to conserve energy while you’re away. When you are at home and need cooling, lower the thermostat and run the a/c until your home is cooled, then turn it off. Keeping windows and doors closed when running the a/c will help retain cool air as long as your home is properly sealed and insulated. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can easily regulate the hourly temperature when your a/c comes on.

Open Windows and Use Fans

Natural ventilation from opening windows and letting air circulate can be a great way to cool your home for free. This doesn’t always prove effective–particularly on hot days or days with little to no wind. In the early mornings and evenings when temperatures are cooler, this can be a great way to circulate fresh air throughout the house without relying on air conditioning. In addition to opening windows, run ceiling and/or floor fans to help keep air circulating throughout the house. Fans won’t do too much to cool entire rooms, but will help keep people and pets cool on hot days. Remember to turn fans off when you leave the house to save on energy. Fans can consume a lot of power and you want to make sure that you are getting the full benefit of the cool air.

Maintain Cooling Systems

Whether you have a swamp cooler or central air conditioning unit, make sure to keep these systems maintained. Inspect or have inspected the motor, compressor, blower, and furnace for central air units. Make sure all components on any system are in working order and that ventilation ducts are in good condition. Even functioning systems can experience inefficiencies, so have them serviced every year and inspected if you notice problems.

Reduce Heat Emissions Inside

Taking steps to reduce the amount of heat generated inside your home will help keep you cool and save on energy costs. Avoid using the oven and instead use the stove, microwave, or grill outdoors. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED bulbs to reduce heat emissions and generate longer lasting light. Also, make sure to turn lights off when leaving a room. Reduce hot water use and consider only running the washer, dryer, and dishwasher with full loads to avoid unnecessary heat emissions throughout the day. Even appliances and electronics contribute to heat buildup at home, so turn these devices off when not in use.

Another way to save money while staying cool is to invest in energy efficient units. They will help you save money on your bills and can be used as a tax write-off. Contact JP Electrical at 801-386-7331 if your ready to stop spending money and stay cool this summer!

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