How to Upgrade Your Home Electrical Services

Posted on February 10, 2017 by Oozle Media

Are Your Breakers Constantly Tripping?

Sometimes an outdated electrical system can cause consistent and unnecessary breaker trouble due to too many appliances wired to the same circuit. This often happens in older styles of homes, where the wiring system wasn’t made to handle so many appliances, computers, and entertainment systems all at once.

Redoing your electrical system and upgrading the wiring can help add longevity and value to your home, and most importantly, can increase safety for you and your family.

Upgrade Your Electrical System While Remodeling

During the process of a home remodel can be a great time to also upgrade your electrical wiring and decrease the overall time and mess it can cause. Since subcontractors may be opening up your walls anyway, your electrician will have easy access to the walls and breakers.

Making the choice to rewire / remodel your electrical system is a smart investment, especially for those interested in adding value to their property or even considering selling.

Some upgrades to consider while remodeling are:

Re-Wiring for Lighting and Outlets
Installing New Lights
Service and Panel Upgrades
Surge Protection
Snow Melt Systems
Wiring for Hot Tubs
Implementing Landscape Lighting or Outlets

Upgrade Your Electrical Panels

electrical service panel upgrade residentialUpgrading your electrical panel can help solve the problem of too much electrical current running through your breakers. Skilled electricians can install a service panel upgrade that allows you to run appliances at will without worrying. JP Electrical has professional staff that will train and educate you on your service panel upgrade to ensure that you understand how to protect it and prevent any harm.

Find A Utah Electrician You Can Trust

JP Electrical has been in the business of helping homeowners upgrade their electrical systems since 1997. With a full team of skilled estimators, project managers, and electricians, they are locally owned and operated with a focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

All their electricians are licensed and certified, and they have an outstanding reputation for being the best choice for Utah’s home electrical needs. The friendly office staff is happy to help you find a solution that fits you and your family.

Contact JP Electrical for a Free Quote
Speak with professional estimators and electricians before you ever start your job to get an honest, upfront quote on your home electrical services.

Upgrading your electrical systems is an important feature of your home, and JP Electrical provides only the best service, with affordable prices and excellent results.

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