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Backyard Outdoor Projects That Need Electricity

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Summer is the season for outdoor projects. Home improvement projects outdoors are a great way to add aesthetic and monetary value to your home. Many projects outdoors require a power source–for both the construction process and to power the end result. There are a range of great outdoor improvement projects, and you may be surprised about how many require electricity. Everything from outdoor lighting, kitchens, water features, and work spaces.

Whether you are constructing an addition or simply beautifying and landscaping the open air space, it is important to recognize when you will need a power supply and begin thinking about having the area wired, if it is not already. Even if there is existing wiring in the outdoor area, you may want to have it inspected–particularly if it hasn’t been utilized for some time or you are placing more strain on the system. Here are some great outdoor improvement projects for which you will likely need a power supply.

Outdoor Kitchens

Building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to expand a cooking and entertaining area at home. Open air, covered kitchens are the best option in terms of accessibility and aesthetics. If you have the space to dedicate, you will need to assess the power supply set up early on. This will largely dictate the layout and potential as a functional kitchen. If there is no wiring running through the space, you will need to start from zero with a qualified electrician; if wiring exists you will have to gauge its ability to meet your power needs. Depending on the size of the outdoor kitchen, you may need up to four double socket outlets, so prepare drafts of the building plan and consult a qualified electrician for wiring matters.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one outdoor project that obviously requires reliable power. The electricity requirements for this project depend on the type, position, and extent of the lighting. Light fixtures that are attached to the house are running on existing wiring from the home, but features that are dispersed throughout the yard may require supplemental electricity. Many outdoor light fixtures can be plugged into existing outdoor outlets, but you will have to assess the specific power and wiring situation at home to determine what is feasible.

Studios & Workspaces

If you are building an addition for a studio or other type of workspace, power will be a central concern. If you are having the structure built, the wiring will naturally be a part of the construction process–you will just need to plan layout for outlets and determine how many you need for the space. If you are converting a garage into a workspace, there will likely be existing wiring–you will need to plan the layout around the existing outlets. If you are hiring the work out, be sure to consult with a qualified contractor and electrician to ensure that your vision makes sense and any design and electrical issues are resolved thoroughly.