Running Wire Through Walls

Posted on March 31, 2013 by Oozle Media

If you’re looking to install a new sound system for your television and want to keep unattractive wiring from decorating your home, snaking wire through your walls or floors is the safest option for you.


To begin, plan to run your wire a safe distance away from any existing electrical wires to avoid any electrical problems. Secondly, be sure to turn off your electricity to reduce the chance of electrical shock. Drill a small hole to check out the inside of the wall.


Feed a wire coat hanger into the hole and make sure you’re not going to feed the wire into any pipes or existing wires. Once you have your opening, make sure to measure and cut out a hole for an outlet.

Snaking The Wire

Fish tape is your main man during this process. Attach your wire or cable to the end of the fish tape using electrical tape. Feed the tape through the wall and fish it through to the exit. If you’re running wire through a tight space, use a wire-pulling lubricant so the wire/fishing tape can slip easily through tight crevices, around corners or through insulation. Once you’ve snaked the wire through to the outlet hole, feed the wire through the back of your outlet box and insert the box into the wall.

Special Tools

If you’re struggling to feed the wire through the wall, try any of the following techniques:

  • Replace the fishing tape for a wire coat hanger; this might give you more control and weight.
  • Try using a chain. Chains are flexible and won’t catch on any insulation inside the wall. Use a coat hanger to help catch the chain from the other end to pull it through.
  • If you’re worried about drilling through your walls, try using hollow crown molding to hide your wiring.

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