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Why DIY Electrical Work Is Dangerous

Some of the risks of DIY electrical:

1. Fire
2. Bodily Injury
3. Fatality
4. Property Damage

Possible Errors:

Incorrect bulb wattage

Replacing a lightbulb isn’t always as simple as it’s made out to be, putting in a lamp with the wrong wattage could lead to an electrical fire.

Improper use of electrical wire

When it comes to electrical wires there is a wide variety of them, made differently and for different purposes. There are single conductor, multi-conductor, solid core, stranded, cleat wiring, metal sheathed wiring, and conduit wiring; the list goes on and on. Because of all these different types of wires, you can’t put just any wire on any electrical system. Unless you know the difference between every wire, an electrical DIY project is a short circuit waiting to happen.

Faulty installation of switches and outlets

Switches and outlets can be very complex if you are not a trained electrician. Do you
know which wires are neutral or ground and then attempting to splice them together

Wrong size fuse or amperage

A fuse is a safety device that will break the circuit if the current running through it goes
above what is considered safe level. If the wrong fuse is put in, typically a larger because
people think it can handle the higher currents, is a fire hazard.


When doing a DIY electrical project, if you make a mistake you can very well be
shocked for it. A minor shock is not serious but it is considered lucky when it comes to electrical injuries. Serious instances of electrocution can cause deep burns, the higher the voltage the more you are at risk for internal injuries. This means a high voltage shock can result in nerve damage that affects control over your lungs, heart and ventricular fibrillation which can be deadly. Anyone attempting to help that is physically touching you or the electrical point would also get electrocuted.


Fire has been mentioned multiple times because it is a dangerous and common
consequence of DIY electrical work. Keep in mind small errors like installing the wrong
wattage bulb or using the incorrect wire can lead to an electrical fire. An electrical fire cannot be doused with water because the electricity would cause anyone nearby to be shocked. Electrical fires are dangerous and can be avoided by hiring a skilled electrician to do the job.

In the long run…

DIY electrical work will cost you more harm than good. Most people like to save money and believe by doing it themselves will also save time but it typically costs more time and money. Even the simple electrical work can become dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. What looks like it would be an easy DIY electrical project can turn into a nightmare with lasting consequences.

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