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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Hotel?

We’ve talked about how much it costs to build the average home with all things factored together, but have you ever stopped to think just how much money goes into the building of a hotel? There is so much variation when it comes to this, although some requirements will remain constant no matter how it’s put together. Whether you are looking to build and run your own hotel, or just curious, take a look at the production of a hotel.

The variables 

First think of all the variables that will present within a specific hotel. Although there will be some variation between normal rooms and suites, for the most part all of the rooms will be about the same size. In addition to this, think of these factors:

  • The average hotel room is about 325 square feet including the bathroom
  • The average hotel consists of 115 rooms, this means that just the area for rooms will need to be just over 37,000 square feet
  • Consider the additional rooms that need to be included with the hotel. Of course there will need to be a reception desk, a laundry room, and a break room for employees, but there are others that are common. Some hotels will also include a restaurant, a banquet hall, conference facility, swimming pool, and a gym for those visiting.

The cost of building these factors is determined in part by the size of the hotel and what city it is located in, or even what part of the city it is near. After determining what will go into the hotel, look into the breakout of the cost.

The costs

 There are too many costs to name here when it comes to building the hotel. Here are just a few of the major factors that must be considered:

  • The foundation and the concrete
  • The electrical work is a critical part of the hotel. It will need to be considered at the beginning of the project to ensure it is done right from the beginning.
  • Each room will need at least one window, take this into account during the process.
  • Plumbing should be durable in each room, making sure no problems will arise.

There are many factors to consider when designing a hotel. JP Electric has experience when it comes to commercial electrical projects, and can tackle tasks such as these. We have the knowledge and the tools to get these large projects done the right way, give us a call today.