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How to Reduce Your Bills During the Winter Months

After the last few large snowstorms and the crazy weather we have had this winter, it is safe to say that winter is officially here and that Mother Nature will not be going easy on us this season.  Last winter, we were having a rough time because we simply were not getting enough snow.  To date, we already have surpassed the average snowfall amount received this time last year. Unfortunately, with snow comes more darkness and cold weather, and with our record breaking low temperatures we have seen this month our power and heat bills are bound to skyrocket.  Take a look at these few tips to help reduce your electric bill during the winter.

  1. Use energy efficient bulbs.  They are brighter, last longer, and can save up to 75% in lighting costs.
  2. Turn off lights if you are not in the room or do not need the light on.  It is as simple as that.
  3. Turn off or unplug devices that may continue to use power if not in use. These devices include but are not limited to nightlights, digital clocks, printers, fully charged computers or phones, etc.
  4. Put lamps in the corners of the room. This allows the light to reflect off the wall, making the room brighter.
  5. Open the drapes on a sunny day, and close them at night. This helps to bring in natural light as well as help with keeping heat in the house at night.
  6. Do laundry the smart way.  Only do your wash when you have a full load because you will waste water and power otherwise.  Dry your loads one right after the other, because the dryer is already heated so it uses less energy to heat the dryer.
  7. Insulate windows and doors.  Use caulk or window film to help insulate your windows so that it is harder for heat to escape.
  8. Close doors if a room is unused.  This allows the heat to stay in the particular room, rather than filling a cold hallway.
  9. Dress in layers and drink warm drinks.  This will make your body warmer and allow you to not need to have the heat on as high.
  10. Turn thermostat down to 55 degrees if you will be gone for long periods of time.

By Talia DiFulvio