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Lighting For Your Outdoor Party

Summer is here, with warmer weather and longer evenings, your backyard has become the popular spot to relax the summer nights away. To hold the best parties and gatherings in your yard, consider the lighting that will be necessary. Make the most of your outdoor party by putting together the basics, such as the lighting, throughout the area, creating a unique feeling.



The trend of DIY projects have taken the country by storm. With endless tutorials for do it yourself projects, it can be simple to find the lighting style you are looking for. Some of the more popular yet easy to accomplish options include:

  • Turning your leftover jars into canning jar lights. This involves the jars, outdoor light cords, a drill, and outdoor glass paint. Follow the steps this blog outlines to get the best results.

  • Along with the recycling idea, you can create a wine bottle torch using a wine bottle or other bottle with a long neck, electrical tape, a copper plate, ring hanger, torch fuel, and a tiki replacement wick. These can use multiple torches placed through the yard, or just one to create a unique feeling for your party.

  • Put those old tin cans to use with tin can lanterns. These can be designed in any way

  • Using old tuna cans, a pole, vases, and a little spray paint you can create glass candle lanterns. These are unique in design, and can be diverse.

These DIY projects will take more time and effort, but could be more rewarding for your yard. Choose the lighting option that will best suit your style.

Other Lighting Tips

If you are not interested in creating a DIY project out of your outdoor lighting, there are plenty of other options out there for you. While there are many options available, some will be better than others. Take these tips into account when setting up the lighting for your backyard, ensuring you and your guests have the best experience:

  • Take into account whether or not your home has outdoor plugs. This will be essential in providing light for your outdoor activity. Even with outdoor plugs make sure to have extension cords to reach the desired areas.

  • For those who don’t have access to lighting, things such as tiki lights not only will provide some light, but will be an effective way to keep bugs away from your activity.

  • Always be safe when using flame for lighting. Never leave this unattended.

There are many different ways to light your outdoor party this summer. Whether you are interested in a do it yourself project, or just want to bring as much light on the event as possible, there are a variety of options available for you. Choose what best suits your event.


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