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Most Common Home Electrical Problems

Most Common Home Electrical Problems

Some electrical problems are far more common than others. Just like any other home problem, these issues must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further issues from occurring. Faulty wiring can not only limit the function of your electrical, it can be potentially dangerous. Avoid house fires, electrical shock, and more by correcting these common home electrical problems.

Overloaded Circuit

If you are constantly tripping the breaker, it’s likely you’ve overloaded your circuits. Avoid this problem by being more aware of how much you are plugging in. While electrical strips are useful, don’t become dependant on these at all times. Make sure you unplug and turn off all devices that aren’t in use. Not only will this save you on your electrical bill, it will help avoid a shortened fuse.


If you aren’t plugging multiple devices in at once and the circuit is still tripping, there may be a problem with your electrical wiring. This should be looked at further to identify and correct the problem.

Flickering Power

The lights are flickering, the microwave only works half the time, these may be signs of loose wiring in your home. Out of all the electrical problems, this may be the one that has the greatest potential for fire danger. In many cases, this could mean loose or frayed wiring. Before you can fix the problem, it first must be located exactly where it is. To do this trace the cable back to the plug. If you find the problem right off, get it fixed. Before doing anything with wiring, shut off the power to that area.

Wiring Not Properly Grounded

Grounding your electricity is essential. If you live in an older home, there’s a chance it has not been grounded. This can be a danger not only to your appliances, but to your safety as well. If there is a surge in power whether from lightning, circuit overloads, or other uncontrollable factors, the excess electricity will go down into the ground rather than through the outlets.

Each of these problems can be fixed or improved through proper wiring. Consider making these changes to better protect your home. Always be cautious when working with electrical equipment. If you don’t have experience, call a residential electrician to do the job for you, ensuring the project will be done right and safely.