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The Effect of Colder Temperatures on Your Electricity

If you have a gas furnace in your home, you may be surprised to find that your electricity bill is higher than you may expect. Watching the gas and electric bill rise together can be stressful, but there is a way to monitor what you are spending it on, and possibly lower the bill in at least some way.

The Heat furnace

Even those who have a natural gas heater will be using some electricity when heating their home, if for nothing else the starter. Most natural gas furnaces have an electric starter and an electric fan. These will be used more frequently during the winter months as the furnace kicks on and kicks off multiple times during the day. To prevent problems with your furnace overheating, and protect your home from high electric bills and worse, make sure to have it tuned up at least once a year. This will prevent it from turning off multiple times as a result of overheating, stopping the electric bill from rising.

Besides just the furnace, there are other appliances that you may be using to keep your home at a manageable temperature. The space heaters that are safe to run in the house often times run on electricity. To keep these charges to a minimum, only use the space heater in the room you currently need it in. Choose a small room that you can close the door to retain the heat best.

Other appliances 

There are other appliances in the home that use more electricity during this time than just those used for heating the home. An outdoor hot tub can be one of the greatest guzzlers of electricity during the winter, as it works to maintain the water at a high enough temperature, and prevent the water from freezing even when it isn’t in use.

Be aware of these factors that could raise the electric bill during the winter months. Make sure you will without a doubt use the hot tub before you spend extra time and money keeping it at a decent temperature. Otherwise, drain it before the season starts.

For more tips on how to save on the electric bill during these colder months, give us a call. At JP Electric, we can help you turn to more energy efficient products for the electrical fixtures in your home, saving you money during this time.

By +Cassie Costner