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The Outlets of Your Home

Outlets are necessary for your home. They are the source of power for all your main appliances and electronics both small and large. Whether you are in an older home, or building a brand new one, assess where the electrical outlets are. There are a few places that outlets should be added to make things more convenient in the home. Take care of these during the building process of your home, or find out if JP Electric can add these features to your existing home.

Get it grounded 

First and foremost it is critical to get the electricity of your home grounded. In newer homes this will be standard, but other homes may not have this necessity. Find out from a professional whether the electricity in your home has been grounded. This will allow any additional electricity generated to flow safely into the ground, rather than causing problems.

Not only will ungrounded electrical outlets potentially cause damage to your appliances, but it will be a hazard to your safety. An outlet that is not grounded is more likely to give a dangerous electric shock, sometimes this can be deadly. When switching up your outlets, this is the first thing that should be considered.

Outdoor outlets

Outlets that are set outside of the house have many purposes. These should be functional all year long. In most cases, it is useful to have these outlets functioning on a light switch inside. This will allow you to turn the power on from inside. Some of the most popular uses for these outlets include:

  • Christmas lights
  • Additional outdoor lighting
  • Electric powered yard tools

If you do not have these outlets outside your home, consider having them installed to take advantage of these activities outside your home.

Specialty outlets


There are all the normal outlets that are necessary, but there are a few specialty outlets that could be added in addition to this. One of the most popular of these is an outlet that not only has a space for regular plugs, but also has a USB plug.


This USB outlet is perfect for going in a bedroom about the same height as a nightstand, or in the kitchen on the counter. Use this to charge your phone or music devices in an easy to manage fashion.


There are many different types of electrical outlets to consider in your home. If you are building a new home, or remodeling an existing home, let JP Electric make the changes necessary to your electrical wiring to get the most from your outlets.