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Energy Efficient Household Products

Published on: July 29, 2014 By: Oozle Media

Appliances, electronic devices, light bulbs, and other household products can consume a lot of energy. Everyday items that meet basic needs are some of the leading causes of high monthly energy bills and drivers of your home’s energy footprint. Reducing energy consumption helps reduce pollution and lower your bills, so think about how household devices…

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Extension Cord and Outlet Safety at Home

Published on: July 22, 2014 By: Oozle Media

Practicing good extension cord and outlet safety is important to prevent fires and damage to electrical systems. Many home electrical problems are caused by circuit overloads, power surges, and preventable fires related to items around outlets or cords catching fire. Protecting your home electrical system and essential power cords is important to preserve these items…

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Top Manly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Published on: June 12, 2014 By: Oozle Media

  Father’s Day is right around the corner. On Sunday June 15th, you had better have something good to gift a father in your life. Fortunately, there are no shortage of gift options for Father’s Day. No matter the type of individual–from rugged sportsman to technology geek, great gifts are an expression of someone’s personality….

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Finishing Your Basement: What Not to DIY

Published on: June 4, 2014 By: Oozle Media

Depending on where you start, there are many steps that must be taken when you go to finish your basement. Look at what you want to accomplish, and the steps that will need to be taken to get to that point. While there are a number of projects within a basement remodel that can be…

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Electric Car Costs

Published on: May 16, 2014 By: Oozle Media

Considering buying an electric car? It’s a great way to minimize your environmental footprint! Read this blog post to learn about all of the costs involved, including the need to invest in an at-home charging station.

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