Yes. We do wiring for both new commercial buildings in Utah that are under construction and renovations of existing buildings.
Yes. Commercial buildings tend to be bigger than residential ones and sometimes require different types of electrical work as well. Give us a call at 801-683-0374 and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate.
We service anywhere in the Wasatch Front here in Utah. Typically, we can do a job anywhere within a 50-mile radius or an hour’s drive away from our North Salt Lake City office.
Yes. We are able to install, repair, or upgrade electrical panels for both residential and commercial facilities.
Yes. We offer a flat hourly rate for troubleshooting. During the troubleshooting process, we will analyze the situation, find the cause of the issue, and find the solution that will get your electrical system working properly again.
We are able to repair and install a variety of different types of lighting, including LED, pendant lights, wall sconces, ceiling fans, counter/cabinet lights, and low-voltage lighting.
Unfortunately, we do not. Typically, thermostats are battery-operated and not connected to your home’s electrical system, and so this would be a job for an HVAC contractor. However, if you’re having any other electrical issues we’d be more than happy to help.
No. We specialize in working with electrical systems involving buildings, not vehicles. For trailer wiring, an auto mechanic would be your best option.
Yes. Your spa or jacuzzi has wiring that should be dealt with by a professional and is not a project that you should DIY. We will be able to hook your spa or Jacuzzi up in a safe way and can also help you know whether or not your electrical system will be able to handle it.
Yes. We can service and install generators. We understand your need to keep the power on during a storm and in other circumstances that could cause a power outage.
Yes. Heat tape is an electrical heating cable and acts like an electric blanket to keep pipes from freezing. It should only be installed by a licensed electrician.
No. We work electrical issues and installations that are critical to a building’s electrical operation.
Yes. We understand that you want your home to have a certain aesthetic appeal and are able to install special types of lighting for you that will help you get the interior design look you’re going for.
Yes. It is very important for your home or workplace to be as safe as possible. We will do a thorough inspection and make sure your home or business building meets all of the requirements regarding its electrical system.
“I had all the light bulbs changed out in my 22 ft high chandelier. I would not have done that! Worth every cent and they were prompt and very polite.”
-Michelle A.
“They were very responsive, and also have a very reasonable price. They were finished fixing the problem within an hour and half!”
-Becky B.
“This is an excellent company with customer satisfaction as a priority. I would use them again and recommend them. They are the best I have ever used.”
-Roger V.

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