Residential Lighting Upgrades


Did you know that JP Electrical installs and provides electrical wiring for a variety of lighting styles? In addition to changing electrical panels and installing generators, we love to help our customers save some money on energy costs with these different types of lighting installations:

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  • Pendant Lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Paddle Fans (ceiling fans)
  • Counter & Cabinet Lights

When you’re building or remodeling a house your choice in lights might seem like a daunting task. You’re wondering which lights will last longer, be most aesthetically pleasing, and which ones might even save you some money in the long run. However, once you decide, that’s only half the battle. Let our professional electricians help wire and install any type of lighting for your build or remodel.


When you hire JP Electrical to install and complete electrical work for your home or business in or around North Salt Lake City, we will take every step to ensure your satisfaction. Our process is simple: we will provide you with a free estimate, and are typically able to schedule your appointment quickly, we will complete your lighting installation quickly and efficiently, and you’ll enjoy your new lighting for years after!

We will make sure you are informed of our entire process for your home or business, and we are always happy to answer any questions along the way.


Besides traditional incandescent bulbs simply being out of date, newer light variations are becoming increasingly popular in homes and business for their simple style, cost-effectiveness, and timelessness.

  • LED Lights – LEDs are good for home and business owners who want something that will last a long time, give off no heat, and that save them money on electricity bills.
  • Pendant Lights – Pendant Lights are excellent for those who enjoy aesthetically appealing, and modern lighting. These go great over kitchen islands, bars, and in play rooms.
  • Wall Sconces – Wall Sconces are great if you want to create a classy, timeless atmosphere in your home or business. These can be used near vanity mirrors, in hallways, or around corners.
  • Paddle Fans – Paddle Fans, or ceiling fans, are traditional fans paired with lights. We are happy to install these, and are great for air circulation in your home!
  • Counter Lights – Counter Lights, or the lights that line the underside of your counter or cabinets, are amazing ambiance lighting! Great for dimmer lights that last a long time, and add a lot of value to your home!

Each of these lighting styles are great for the modern home. We are happy to install any of these varieties, and can usually schedule your appointment within a few days. We have built a reputation as Utah’s premier electricians, and we are experienced enough to handle any type of lighting. Please call us for all of your lighting needs, big or small, intricate or simple, at 801-386-7331.

“I had all the light bulbs changed out in my 22 ft high chandelier. I would not have done that! Worth every cent and they were prompt and very polite.”
-Michelle A.
“They were very responsive, and also have a very reasonable price. They were finished fixing the problem within an hour and half!”
-Becky B.
“This is an excellent company with customer satisfaction as a priority. I would use them again and recommend them. They are the best I have ever used.”
-Roger V.

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