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Renee FleischerRenee Fleischer
03:01 07 Mar 24
JP Electrical has been great both times i used them so far. they are professional and respectful to the property. i found them courteous and friendly as well. they installed new wall plugs for me and even fixed the power problem with my dishwasher. i would recommend these people.
maz tipomaz tipo
14:15 05 Mar 24
Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I wouldn't call anyone else.
Zach MZach M
03:19 05 Mar 24
JP has helped us on a couple small projects, are easy to book appointments with, and are responsive and communicative. I appreciate their willingness to do the small “DIY” projects because not all electricians want to take on these smaller revenue jobs. I also appreciate that JP charges by an hourly rate. Would recommend!
Brock AndersonBrock Anderson
20:14 04 Mar 24
Great service and work. Thank you!
Lewie LambrosLewie Lambros
18:04 01 Mar 24
We hired JP Electrical to wire our basement. From start to finish the experience was top notch! John and Zach were great to work with. We got multiple bids and these guys were not only the most competitive but the most professional. They got the job done quick and done to our exact specifications. John is a great communicator and has a ton of patience. He really took the time to explain things in detail and helped make the process as painless as possible. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for a professional company with competitive pricing!
Connie HaydenConnie Hayden
15:31 28 Feb 24
We’ve had JP Electrical before. Rod and his son came 7 years ago. This time it was Bill and Austin. They are dependable, professional, friendly and timely. We would definitely call them again for our home improvements. We were not disappointed and would recommend them to our neighbors and friends. The cost was reasonable too.
Guy HaydenGuy Hayden
06:18 28 Feb 24
Our wiring was not symmetricalso we called up JP Electrical.Ian gave us a quotethat didn’t get our goat.Danica picked daysthat didn’t cause us faze.Bill & Austin in thier trucksoon proved to be our good luck.plugs for EVs and bidetswere the projects for the daysplus more ceiling lightand a meter more brightWith knowledge and skilltheir work fit our billprompt and courteoustheir quality, virtuousIf you’ve a problem that’s perplexicalwe recommend JP Electrical.
John BinghamJohn Bingham
15:57 22 Feb 24
Austin, thankyou for your help today in detecting a bad outlet and fixing! Very clear communication and straight to the point. I trust these guys.
Eun YangEun Yang
00:05 21 Feb 24
Very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient!
Brian LongBrian Long
15:28 17 Feb 24
Smooth and efficient process, friendly people, overall great experience.We worked with RMP to get the details, approval, and a short timeline for a service upgrade (200 to 400 amp). Of the electrical contractors we spoke with, JP Electric gave us the most confidence and a timeline that aligned with RMP. JP gave us an estimate on 02/05/2024, and we had our service upgraded on 02/16/2024. Amazing!Other than the short timeline, we were very concerned about the 50’ section of the yard that has existing power, gas, cable, sprinkler mains, sprinkler lines, low voltage cable, and a gutter drain line. Even worse, other than the topsoil, the property is clay. Other companies effectively told us they were going to wreck stuff and they would not be responsible for anything that was not a “utility.” JP said they couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t hit something but were willing to do what was necessary to minimize the chances.They sent out 4 electricians on day 1. After realizing what they were up against, the team decided to cancel the trencher and dig it out by hand. I would have never believed 4 electricians would be willing to dig a 50’ trench through 3 feet of clay. They even filled in most of the trench before leaving that day. Guys were tired but still cracking jokes while loading up their tools. Only one small casualty – they hit a feeder pipe to a sprinkler head which took me about 5 minutes to repair while the trench was open. While trivial to fix, I really think most other crews would have not told me about it or worse, not been as careful and done more damage to other stuff that was in their path.For day 2 they had things lined up with RMP and the County to disconnect the existing power, do the inspection, and reconnect the new service. In total we were without power for less than 7 hours.For us this was a big deal but for the JP crew, it seemed like typical stuff. Other service companies can learn a thing or 2 about how to work, and treat customers, from these guys.
Pam PulsipherPam Pulsipher
02:00 15 Feb 24
Requested work to be done at my house and I received very quick response to come sooner than expected. Got quick updates and call when the technician was available. Very professional, helpful and responsive. Thank you!
Heinz MahlerHeinz Mahler
18:07 14 Feb 24
JP Electrical has worked on several projects for our family. The work has always been excellent and we have greatly enjoyed getting to know Rod and others from JP over the years. I highly recommend this company. I plan to use them again in the future when needed.
Jake EthingtonJake Ethington
20:38 29 Jan 24
I found Rod Ryan through a friend because Rod knew what he was doing. His name gets passed around because of how good he is. Rod and Mykle both came to my place and got my EV charger installed. I appreciate their work, Rod and Mykle make you feel like you're at a family reunion just catching up on life. Very easy guys to get on with. Price isn't more important than quality, but JP was the best price I had got by far.
John McConkieJohn McConkie
03:07 05 Dec 23
We were very happy with Mike and Gunner’s work. They were very competent and helped us to solve some difficult challenges in fixing some older electrical work. They were also respectful of our budget and project constraints, providing options that helped us to accomplish our goals without breaking our budget. They were very courteous and easy to work with. I look forward to having them back on our next electrical project.
RM WilliamsRM Williams
21:28 05 Oct 23
We had two 220 VAC outlets installed in the garage to charge our electric car. The electricians arrived when they said they would and quickly set to work. They had the install completed quicker than the original estimate and cleaned up before they left. They were very friendly and quick to answer my questions about the installation. The materials were all high quality and their work looked very professional. We were very happy with the way the installation went and would call them again for any electrical work. PS: We had to have our main electrical lines to our house replaced several years ago by J P Electrical and were happy with that installation, which is the reason we had them do this one as well.
Alan BodilyAlan Bodily
20:08 17 Jan 23
John and Shane did a fantastic job! They were professional, friendly, and efficient. John gave us some great suggestions to make our kitchen more functional and went out of their way to make sure we would be happy for many years to come. Would highly recommend using JP Electric, they have great service and the best price we could find.
Allison JepsenAllison Jepsen
23:47 20 Nov 22
Went with JP Electrical based on a recommendation from a family member and couldn't be happier. This company is professional and helpful from beginning to end. I liked emailing to set up appointments (and they're very responsive), having a virtual consultation to walk us through everything, and then Jon and Shane did a great job installing new recessed lights and switching out a ceiling fan. They asked us questions throughout the process so they could be sure we were getting exactly what we wanted, they were very careful to keep our home clean, and the price was reasonable (even cheaper than the other two quotes I got). It's so nice to work with a company where the process is so easy and they charge a fair price. Thank you!
Jennifer SteedJennifer Steed
22:35 09 Nov 22
Dominick and Sean were outstanding! They communicated very well, did great work and at an affordable price. They left the space clean and ready to use. I will definitely be calling them again. One of the best experiences I have had with a contractor. Keep up the great work fellas.
Trevor SilversteinTrevor Silverstein
15:39 31 Oct 22
We had a laundry list of inspection comments after we purchased our house. JP Electrical offered to the work on a hourly basis with an estimate of the overall time required.Jon and Shane (our electricians) were great! They were super helpful throughout the process and explained our options. They were professional and punctual for both visits. It definitely felt like they went the extra mile to ensure we were happy with the finished productI would highly recommend JP Electrical!
Brian MeidBrian Meid
20:22 30 Aug 22
I had a super positive experience with JP Electrical. Rod Ryan (The estimator) came out exactly when they said he would, and really went the extra mile to give me all the different options. Two of which were vastly better and more economical than a competitor. When Brad and Colton came out to do the work they were on-site at 8am and confirmed the method they would use to run the cable for me. The installation was super professional and clean. The total price exactly matched the quote as well. I would use JP Electrical again in the future.

Premier Electrical Contractors Serving The Wasatch Front

JP Electrical is proud to offer both residential and commercial services. Our residential services include new single and multi-family home construction as well as residential remodels. Our commercial services cater to any and all business types and situations, including office subletting. See below for an extensive list of the electrical services we offer to both residential and commercial clients.

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Comprehensive Electrical Services for Utah Homes and Businesses


Electrical problems can be caused by a variety of issues. Sometimes a full troubleshooting assessment of the situation is needed. We’ll find out what went wrong and where the problem is. This process allows us to locate the issue, fix it, and prevent further electrical issues.


  • Can/pendant lights: We can install and wire these lighting fixtures, which are usually hung from the ceiling and provide directional or ambient light.
  • Low Voltage lighting: We work with low voltage lighting systems, which operate on 12 or 24 volts and require transformers to step down the voltage from the standard 120 volts in a building.
  • Switches: We install and wire switches, which allow for the control of electrical circuits in a building. This can include light switches, fan switches, and other types of switches.
  • Under cabinet lighting: We can install under cabinet lighting, which provides task lighting in kitchens or other areas where additional illumination is needed.
  • Art and exit lighting: We install and maintain art and exit lighting, which is required in many commercial buildings for safety and compliance with building codes.
  • Three-way switches: We can install and wire three-way switches, which allow for the control of a light or electrical circuit from two different locations.
  • Dimmers: We can install and wire dimmer switches, which allow for the adjustment of the intensity of light fixtures, providing greater flexibility in lighting control.


  • 240 V outlets: We can install and wire 240-volt outlets, which are typically used for large appliances such as electric dryers or electric ranges.
  • Appliance wiring (i.e. dryers, gas ranges, microwaves): We can wire appliances such as dryers, gas ranges, and microwaves to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  • Cat 5/6 cables: We can install and terminate Cat 5/6 cables for data and voice communication networks.
  • Ceiling and bathroom fans: We can install and wire ceiling and bathroom fans for improved air circulation and ventilation.
  • Doorbells: We can install and wire doorbells to ensure proper operation and connection to the building’s electrical system.
  • Electric car charging stations (programmable options): We can install and wire electric car charging stations, including programmable options for charging and energy management.
  • Electrical for cameras: We can install and wire electrical systems for security cameras and other surveillance equipment.
  • Electrical for pool motors and pool covers: We can install and wire electrical systems for pool motors and pool covers, including control systems for efficient operation and energy management.
  • Electrical to motors/motor control: We can install and wire electrical systems for motors and motor control equipment, including variable frequency drives (VFDs) for efficient operation and energy management.
  • Elevators: We can install and wire electrical systems for elevators, including control systems for efficient and safe operation.
  • Ethernet lines: We can install and terminate Ethernet lines for data communication networks.
  • Generators (automatic and manual transfer switches): We can install and wire generators with automatic and manual transfer switches, ensuring backup power during power outages.
  • Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuit breaker: We can install GFCI circuit breakers to protect against electrical shock and ensure safe operation of electrical equipment.
  • Hardwire smoke detectors: We can install and wire hardwired smoke detectors to ensure proper operation and connection to the building’s electrical system.
  • Heat tape (such as with snow melt systems): We can install and wire heat tape for snow melt systems, preventing ice buildup and ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  • Hot tub electrical: We can install and wire electrical systems for hot tubs, including control systems for efficient operation and energy management.
  • Outlets: We can install and wire electrical outlets for various applications throughout the building, including GFCI outlets in bathrooms and kitchens for safety.
  • Time clocks: We can install and program time clocks for controlling electrical equipment, such as lighting systems, based on a predetermined schedule.


  • Panel upgrades, replacements, and refreshing: We work with panel upgrades, replacements, and refreshing—replacing the breaker, tightening screws, and making sure everything is up to date.
  • Breaker repair: We repair double-tapped or insufficiently sized breakers, ensuring proper operation and safety.
  • E-mon D-mon metering: We can provide E-mon D-mon metering or customized meters for subletting apartments or businesses, allowing for accurate measurement and billing of electrical usage.
  • Main service upgrades: We can upgrade the main electrical service to the building to handle increased electrical demand.
  • Subpanel installation: We can install subpanels to accommodate additional circuits or to distribute power to specific areas of the building.
  • Circuit breaker replacements: We replace faulty or outdated circuit breakers to ensure safe and reliable operation of the electrical system.
  • Fuse replacements: We replace fuses as needed to ensure proper operation of the electrical system.
  • Electrical code compliance inspections: We perform inspections to ensure that the electrical system is in compliance with local and national electrical codes.
  • Electrical safety inspections: We perform safety inspections to identify potential hazards and ensure the safety of the electrical system.
  • Electrical system evaluations and consultations: We can evaluate the electrical system and provide consultations on upgrades, modifications, or other improvements to increase safety, efficiency, or functionality.


Did you know that your home no longer has to be prewired for automatic control? In the past, homes had to be built with the right circuitry in order to be able to support the two-way communication of intercom systems. In recent years, modern homes have been wired to allow residents to control various aspects of their home life from a wall unit, such as the lighting, heat, fans, sound system, dimmers, and even electric blinds.

With the wireless technology of today, you can now bring your home into the 21st century with simple installations and utilization of the correct radio frequency switch—making most features controllable from your phone. Here are just a few of the things JP Electrical can do to help turn your home into a smart house.

  • Motion lights: We can install and wire motion lights, which automatically turn on when motion is detected, providing improved security and energy efficiency.
  • Programmable lighting control: We can install and program lighting control systems, allowing for customized lighting schemes and energy-efficient operation.
  • Automation: We can install and program automation systems, which allow for remote control and monitoring of various electrical systems, including lighting, HVAC, and security.


Our electrical services are available to homes and businesses in North Salt Lake and all along Utah’s Wasatch Front. We send our certified electricians anywhere from Heber to Grantsville and Logan to Mona. For more information on this, please see our Service Areas page.


Is there an electrical service you’re in need of that isn’t listed above? Would you like to get a quote? Learn more about our services by calling 801-683-0374 to discuss your situation. With nearly 25 years of experience under our belts, we’ve dealt with nearly every type of electrical repair or installation there is. We’re confident we can handle most anything that comes our way!

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