15 Popular Kitchen Lighting Styles

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Oozle Media

Kitchen lighting is an easy way to be creative in your home. The design can be more creative than you probably ever imagined it could be. The possibilities are becoming greater and greater by day because of the innovative approaches people have taken with lighting their homes. Lighting designers and DIY experts have given us a plethora of choices to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular lighting styles in kitchens that we came across.

1. Chandelier

A chandelier is an easy way to make a kitchen look instantly elegant. Depending on the size of your kitchen will be the deciding factor in how many and the type of chandeliers you will want to install. It gives your kitchen an extra sparkle.

2. Glass Pendants

Glass pendants can reflect overall themes or colors in your home through light in your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a pop of color or show your personality in your home.

3. Natural Centerpiece

This magical piece made out of natural wood is the highlight of the kitchen drawing your eyes right to it. By strategically placing a centerpiece like this in the skylight it doubles as artwork during the day and a useful light when the sun goes down.

4. Different Lamp Shapes

When shopping for light fixtures most people feel that they need to match but by switching them up you can create a more intimate feel. The different shapes can narrow or widen a space while still keeping a continuous look.

5. Accent Lights

By adding these lights to your kitchen you can instantly highlight a specific area. The lights seen in the picture open up this small space making it appear larger and putting emphasis on the items on the counter.

6. Orb Lighting

The glass orbs seen in this photo add a fun yet elegant lighting style to this kitchen. The large glass orbs can provide a good amount of light but because they are glass they don’t shrink the room down. These lights are also an interesting piece that can add unique flare to any kitchen.

7. Statement Piece

A statement piece will create drama in any kitchen and give your guests something to talk about. An interesting light fixture can give any room more personality and depending on the choice add to your homes theme.

8. Square Lighting

These square lights can add a modern but posh feel to any space. Adding lights to your kitchen with a different shape than the normal bulb will give your kitchen personality and flare. Three of these lights hung above the island give the kitchen a long and open feel.

9. Up-cycled Kitchenware

Creating lights out of commonly used kitchen materials is the new fad. Some of the most popular up-cycled lights have been designed with strainers, mason jars, cheese graders and many other items.

10. Steel Fixtures

The steel is commonly used for industrial lighting but it can also add a smooth and classic look to an elegant kitchen. The kitchen in the photo is predominantly white which makes the steel stick out without being too flashy. The steel light fixture also ties in well with the appliances in the kitchen.

11. Trendy Brass

These brass light fixtures are another big fad when it comes to lighting, and is ever-growing in the kitchen. These trendy lights will add personality to your kitchen and leave your guests in awe. They are simple and can be matched with many different styles. Brass lights can come in a variety of fixtures depending on the look you want your kitchen to have.

12. Colored Lighting

By adding a pop of color to your kitchen you can create whatever mood, tone, or style you please. The example in the photo is of blue under-lighting but their is a variety of lights you could incorporate to add color to your kitchen. If you don’t want to make the investment of under-lighting, try adding a lamp, drum shade, or bulbs for a new feel.

13. Industrial Style

Industrial style lights has grown increasingly popular in kitchens everywhere. The industrial look is simple, classy and looks polished. Steel is commonly used for industrial kitchens but it is not limited to that material. The fun thing with industrial lighting is it is possible to achieve a vintage look without having to fully commitment and make the entire kitchen vintage.

14. Soft Glow

A soft glow will illuminate your kitchen while also keeping a warm feeling to it. This look is completed with hardwood floors completely the perfect cozy look.By creating a soft glow in the kitchen you have a very inviting look that can also be soothing after a stressful day. Not only are the warm tones considered cozy but a kitchen with a soft glow and hardwood has an instant elegant feel.

15. Antique Fixture

By adding an antique light fixture to your kitchen you can transform the theme to be somewhat retro without having to redesign your entire kitchen. Antique lights give your kitchen a charming vibe and can add a lot of personality depending on the fixture you chose.

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