A Day Without Electricity

Posted on October 6, 2017 by Oozle Media

In your everyday lives you’ve probably never stopped to consider all the things required to provide you with your normal activities. You’ve probably never considered how lucky you are, and never realized how many things you take for granted. We’re not talking about family and friends here, though certainly don’t take them for granted…we’re talking about appliances and electricity in your home. Do you understand how many things require electricity in your life? We explored all the ways our lives would be different if we were to not have power for a single day!


Here’s how your morning routine would change if you had no electricity.

Alarm Clock and Cell Phone

In 2017, we have really begun to rely on our phones for reminders, alarms, and everything else. If you’ve become accustomed to waking up with an alarm or cell phone, then today you’re probably doing to be late. When you do wake up, you jump out of bed and rush into the bathroom.


Oops – can’t turn your lights on, looks like you’re showering in the dark.


Don’t like cold showers? Well without electricity you will need to take a cold shower – but at least you’re sufficiently awake now, right?

Coffee Maker

It’s a good thing your shower gave you a bracing wakeup because your coffee can’t help you today.


No coffee? You probably also can’t get breakfast without a toaster, oven, or microwave. But you also wouldn’t be able to eat anything cold from the fridge since it shut off overnight and now unfortunately your food is spoiled.

Garage Door Opener

Exasperated, cold, and hungry, you go into the garage to head to work. Except that you can’t open your garage without electricity! Looks like it’s the bus for you today.


So you’ve shown up to work (finally), and you’re in no mood to deal with anything else. But without electricity, a few other things are likely going to make your day a bit worse.


You begin your work, and things are starting to look up! But a few hours into your workday, your laptop dies and you need to plug it in. However, without power you’re stuck with a dead computer.

No Lunch

Since you skipped breakfast, you’re excited to eat lunch. You go to a fast food joint near your work, except they have a closed sign on the window! You ask what’s going on and an employee tells you that none of their machines are working due to the power outage. Not wanting to skip two meals, you go to the grocery store and get some non-perishable snacks.

Meeting Slides

Back at work, you manage to find a laptop that isn’t completely drained. You pull your coworkers into the meeting that you’ve had scheduled for weeks, and are really excited to share with everyone. However, without electricity you are unable to plug your machine into the television so everyone has to crowd around your borrowed laptop to see what you’re talking about. This is a good thing though, since the heater isn’t working and crowding together is providing some warmth to the room.


Wow. What a horrible day you’ve had. You can’t wait to just go home, eat a warm meal, and watch the evening news, right? Wrong.


When you get home, looks like the power’s still out. Looks like you can’t have a home-cooked meal tonight.

Eating out

You go back out to see if any restaurants are operational. You find one that’s open but is only serving acai bowls. Healthy, but maybe not exactly what you were hoping for.


You get home and just decide to go to bed, knowing that the TV is likely not going to work either. Hopefully it won’t be too cold tonight without heating, and hopefully you have enough blankets! Good luck tomorrow!

This post is obviously a little satirical. Lucky for us, living in America, this large of a power outage is not likely, and typically rectified in a timely manner. However, for the victims of the recent hurricanes and other natural disasters, their situation isn’t as easy. They are currently suffering from power outages, food shortage, and other accompanying problems. At JP Electrical, we want to help and support in any way we can, so here are a few websites where you can donate and offer support to those who were affected by any of the recent hurricanes. Thanks for your help!

RIO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO – SEPTEMBER 27, 2017: Heydee Perez, age 29, and her son, Yenel Calera, age 4 have not received any aid one week after Hurricane Maria. The roof of their home is gone and they have very little to eat. (Photo by Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

If you’ve ever experienced a day like this (hopefully not), JP Electrical is here to help. For any and all electrical needs, give us a call at 801-386-7331.

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