Business Costs Savings Through Efficient Lighting

Posted on July 29, 2016 by Oozle Media

Businesses carry a lot of expenses and a commonly overlooked one by those outside of a business’ operation is utility costs–in particular, power. Powering an office or warehouse or any other large commercial space can be a huge expense. Lighting a business space can carry especially high costs from month to month, so finding ways to reduce these costs can save hundreds of dollars per year and help reduce environmental impact associated with power consumption. Taking steps to improve the efficiency of your lighting as well as reduce lighting use when possible can work to reduce energy consumption. Here are some tips for business cost savings through more effective lighting use.

Install Energy-Efficient Bulbs

The type of light bulb will have a lot to do with the overall efficiency of the lighting. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for increased efficiency. Incandescent bulbs are poor quality, heat-emitting bulbs that have a much shorter lifespan than the more efficient alternatives. For a business space, upgrading the bulbs is especially important to energy savings. Compact fluorescent bulbs can use up to ⅓ of the energy and last 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs. The life of the bulbs will also help reduce CO2 emissions and emit better light.

LED bulbs are another great option for a business space since they have a stunningly long life span and are considerably more resistant and durable than compact fluorescents. LED lights are solid, lack filament, and do not generate heat. LED lights are a more expensive investment but their long term value is proven in their reliability and energy reduction potential. Installing more efficient lighting is the top way to keep energy costs associated with lighting under control.

Power Down

After installing more efficient lightbulbs in the workspace, the next best thing to save on energy costs is to power down. Turning the lights off during working hours isn’t always possible, but when you can it is a good way to reduce power costs. Letting in natural light where possible is a great way to avoid having to turn on lights when it isn’t necessary. Even the most energy efficient bulbs are ineffective when the lights are always on.

Powering down or keeping lights on in selective rooms at any given time are good ways to lower costs. Businesses must often keep an excessive amount of lights on at any given time–even at night for security reasons, so turning off the lights in rooms when feasible will help control costs. When this isn’t possible, of course, relying on more energy efficient bulbs is the best immediate solution to reducing some electricity costs of running a business.

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