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Posted on May 18, 2018 by Oozle Media

When it comes to your electricity, be it for your home or your business, it’s hard to keep track of everything. How do you make your home or business more efficient? What about saving money on your bills? Can or should you do repairs yourself? As the “everything electric” experts in town, we’d like to present you with this one-stop-shop for all information and tips about electricity. From saving money on bills to installing a generator, we’ve got you, (just click on the images).

Help! My Energy Bills Are Creeping Up!

Don’t fret! This is a normal occurrence that happens to almost everyone. There are plenty of ways to save money on your bills through using different lighting fixtures, changing temperatures on your thermostat and more! No matter the season, we’ve got tips for you!

8 Summer Energy Saving Tips

Summer heat? Pro Tip: don’t run your dishwasher.

Fall Energy Saving Tips

Fall cold creeping up? Try a programmable thermostat.

Best Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is cold, we get that. But there are still ways to save!

Spring Electrical Energy Saving Tips

Spring has sprung (your wallet). It might be time to update your air filter.

So now that you’ve got all the seasons’ energy savings down pat (right?), it’s time to dig into a few DIY’s. Because electrical work is so dangerous, it’s important that you take the correct precautions, and when in doubt, call an electrician.

Home Electrical Jobs

Upgrade Your Home Electrical Services

Time for an upgrade? We think so.

Electrical Outlet Feels Hot

One of the most common problems homeowners have is electrical outlets feeling hot. Did you know there are at least 4 different reasons for this?

The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting like string lights can actually go totally wrong. Don’t let that happen to you!

Top 6 Home Electrical Mistakes

Are you cutting wires without consulting an electrician? Maybe think again.

Tips for DIY Light Fixtures

You can actually DIY some things.

Do you feel like a veritable electrician now? Maybe don’t start offering to rewire your neighbors’ homes. At JP Electrical we’re experts in all things installation, reinstallation, and rewiring. Did you know that we even do commercial electricity? Check it out.

Helpful Electrical Information

Business Cost Savings Through Efficient Lighting

Are you a business owner? You need to save electrical money on more than just your home.

Best Electrical Generators

They say in tough times the tough get going. In this instance the “tough” is a backup generator.

Home Buyers Electrical Checklist

Who doesn’t like making lists? They keep us organized, on top of things, and they’re fun to check off!

At JP we are also excellent at installing all varieties of lighting. You don’t have to live with your same old lightbulbs or your same old lighting style. We can help you upgrade, and we’ll do it right the first time. In the meantime, check out your options!

Upgrade Your Lighting

Modern Lighting for Your Home

If you’re not sure where to start with upgrading your lighting, we can help.

LED vs CFL Light Bulbs

Ever consider LEDs for your home? You might want to.

How to Install Recessed Lighting

Hey look another DIY!

Your Electrical Specialists

Hopefully we haven’t just overwhelmed you with electrical information, but we tend to get pretty excited about it! If you couldn’t find the answer to your electrical question in this list, you might want to check out our blog as we’ve covered every aspect of electricity there. We are happy to answer any questions about a project or a DIY as well at 801-294-4340.

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