Is Your Home’s Electrical System Healthy? (Quiz)

Posted on March 27, 2020 by Oozle Media

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It’s always important to keep an eye on a few key signals in your home to know if your electrical system is in good shape! Find out what to look for and if you should call a professional if you suspect there’s any faulty wiring. Remember, a bad electrical system can cause fires and other home damage if not properly repaired or replaced. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are approximately 24,000 electrical fires per year. Contact us today before a home emergency happens!

Check Your Outlets

Wall outlets are easy to check for potential electrical issues. Here’s some signs to look for:

  • Are they warm?
  • Do they vibrate?
  • Do they smell unusual?

If you notice any warm outlets, vibrating, or an odd smell like burning, this could be a sign that your home’s electrical system needs to be looked at! Contact us for a professional consultation and quote today!

Observe Home Lighting

Your home lighting can be another key indicator if your home’s electrical system needs to be looked at. If you notice any of the following signs, contact us today!:

  • Do your home lights frequently dim?
  • Is there a buzzing sound around any lights?
  • Does your circuit breaker frequently trip?

If you answered yes to any of the above, don’t hesitate to give JP Electrical a call for a quote today!

Keep Your Home Healthy!

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” From small to large projects, we’ll get you the help you need no matter the job!”

At JP Electrical, we are proud to offer electrical services all along the Wasatch Front. From lighting to smart home adaptation, we strive to provide quality electrical services. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to receive a professional consultation.

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