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Posted on December 28, 2020 by Oozle Media

our commercial projects

Modern commercial buildings don’t have wood framing, so the wiring is different than it would be for houses. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that the electricians you hire are licensed and fully qualified to handle commercial work. At JP Electrical, our electricians participate in continued education courses to maintain their commercial licenses. These courses keep them up to date on new and existing industry codes which are quite different compared to residential codes. Inspections are also done regularly to ensure that every electrician is performing at our optimal standard.

What Type of Commercial Buildings Do We Work With?

electrical work at a distribution center

We’ve worked with many different types of commercial buildings, including

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Multi-family projects with shops/restaurants attached
  • Clubhouses

A lot of our work with these projects has been during the construction phase as well as the non-construction phases, such as maintenance, updates, and emergency electrical situations. During construction, we will typically work with drawings and blueprints given to us by architects and engineers.

Our Commercial Projects Portfolio

commercial electrical work

While we won’t list every commercial project we’ve ever worked with, here are a few that we’ve done:

Major Distribution Facilities: We have assisted with various facilities and their electrical projects for t-shirt printing equipment, conveyors, lighting control systems, rooftop equipment, exhaust fans, and electrical metallic conduits or hard pipe installations

Business Offices: We’ve installed convenience outlets for work desks and data drops, automotion (where lights turn on when sensing motion).

City Facilities —such as Herriman City Hall and the electrical work needed for their nearby city park’s ice skating rink and band stand.

Hospitals: These buildings have life safety systems with special requirements and must have top-notch generators available at all times. We’ve worked on expansions for both the Jordan Valley Cancer Center and IHC Instacare in West Jordan.

Airports: Some of the things we’ve done with airports include providing electrical work for dock doors and high speed doors.

Factories — like Taffy Town’s salt water taffy-producing factory!

Label Printing Companies: For example, we’ve worked with LithoFlexo Grafics in Sandy.

Ready to Consider JP Electrical?

commercial electrical work

Our team is very experienced! A lot of our work is concentrated right here in Utah, but we have sent team members to Arizona and other states for large-scale, long-term projects. You tell us your vision, and our experts will make it happen. Call us at (801) 294-4340, and let’s get to work!

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