Tips for DIY Light Fixtures

Posted on September 29, 2014 by Oozle Media

Home light fixtures are a big part of creating a pleasing aesthetic inside and outside of the house. Great light fixtures don’t have to cost a lot of money either. Reusing and repurposing common materials into light fixtures can be a great way to save money on fixtures and create something unique for your home. DIY fixtures can be created from a range of materials and formed into a variety of styles and shapes of lighting fixtures. From pendant lights to paper lanterns, DIY light fixture projects can be a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home without resorting to buying costly, pre-made light fixtures. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when going about the project.

Material & Size

When undertaking any DIY project, selecting the right materials and sizing the object are important for form and function. For light fixtures, materials can be variable and range from glass bottles to plastics, metal, and paper. In general, the material you choose should be durable and resistant to heat buildup from a bulb. The size of the fixture should be carefully calculated based on where you intend to place the fixture. Exact size depends on personal taste and desired location, so having a vision for what you want out of the light fixture in the space will help the design process.

Colors & Style

During the initial design process you will need to select the most suitable colors for the fixtures. These can be totally random based on what materials you wish to use and have available or calculated based on integration with colors in your home. Choosing complementary colors with your space is always a good approach. The style of the light fixture is the next concern, so sketch out a design that you want to use and find plans to create it. There are tons of DIY resources for creating light fixtures of every size and variety, so decide what type of fixture you want and find specific plans on how to craft it. Most light fixtures are simple and not difficult to create with the right materials and instruction.

Finish & Installation

The finish on the light fixture is an important element to preserve the life of the fixture and keep it looking good. Consider the material and location of the light fixture. If it is an outdoor fixture, make sure that it can withstand outdoor conditions. Even normal wear can damage a light fixture if it is not properly sealed or otherwise protected. This is especially important for metals like aluminum, brass, and steel. These can easily become corroded from the elements. If you are simply creating indoor fixtures, this is not a concern. For installation, you may need to consider the wiring and home lighting applications when getting your new fixture properly installed and running. If you are just adding a new cover to an existing fixture, this is less of a concern. If you are removing an existing fixture and installing a new one, you will need to understand how to properly wire the new fixture and attach the home wiring to the fixture wiring. This is usually pretty straightforward with specific instruction and proper care.

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