Tips for Reducing Your Power Bill

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Oozle Media

The power bill may be one of the most frustrating expenses in your house. With the weather warming up, it’s safe to say that most people will begin to see an increase in their electric bill. Learn the tips and tricks now to lowering this expense before it hits. Some of these may be useful to you and your home year round.

Air Conditioning

Two of the biggest contributors to your energy bills come from the air conditioning and the heating expenses. Start out by going through your home and making sure that all the vents in your home are opened and clean. It may seem like a good idea to close some of the vents of less used rooms to conserve energy, but this could actually be costing you even more. Open your vents to lessen the stress on your air conditioning unit.

In addition to this, ensure the vents in your home are cleaned out to get the highest energy efficiency levels possible. Besides just changing the filter when necessary, it is important to clean out the actual vents from time to time. As dust builds up, it will make your air conditioning less effective. Get this taken care of before turning on your air conditioner to get the most benefits.

The appliances

 There are a few major appliances in your home that account for a large portion of your electricity bill. Some of the most influential of these include:

  • The fridge – in the kitchen, the fridge is by far the biggest guzzler of energy. Clean the coils and clear the frost from inside the freezer.
  • The dishwasher – be sure to utilize all the space in your dishwasher with each load. Before putting dishes in, rinse them off thoroughly to get the best clean.
  • Washer and dryer – your washer can be filled to capacity, but the same isn’t true for the dryer. By filling this too full, your clothes won’t be able to get fully dried. Leave enough space in here to ensure the job will be done efficiently.

All these appliances can be made more energy efficient by making a few changes in the home. By doing this, you will save more on your electric bill year round.

The lighting

Besides these major appliances, the lighting in your home is one of the fastest ways to suck up extra energy. Most important, remember to turn off the lights when they aren’t in use. Put your outdoor lights on a timer at night rather than leaving them on at all times. This will prevent an unnecessary waste of energy.

In addition to this, switching to energy efficient light bulbs will help reduce the amount of energy used, even if the lights get accidentally left on. Although it may not be practical or cost effective to go through and replace the light bulbs before they are burnt out, make sure that when they do go out to use the energy efficient models rather than other options.

As the seasons change, make sure that you get ready for some spring cleaning that includes advances towards energy efficient methods. By making these small changes in your home, you will be surprised just how much you can save. Take action now to see the benefits today.

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