Top 5 Things to Check Up on While Being Stuck at Home

Posted on May 13, 2020 by Oozle Media

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Although the state of Utah is lifting restrictions here and there, it will most likely be a while before everything settles down and we can get back to a point of normalcy. Until then, plan on spending a lot of time at home. If you find yourself looking for something to do, invest your time into your home. Make sure to check up on these top five things to help ensure your home’s electrical system is in good working order.

1. Inspect All Electronics Chords, & Exposed Wires for Frays

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Frayed wires and chords can lead to shocks and even fires. Frays happen when wires wear out, get chewed up by pets, pulled on too frequently, or get tangled up. Take note of which devices and wires appear frayed, and start replacing them.

2. Check Lights for Dimming or Flickering

Dimming or flickering lights typically mean that there’s a problem with the bulb, faulty light switch, or a voltage drop. There could also be sensory overload on your circuit. Try switching out the bulb and testing to see if that was the cause of the issue. If that doesn’t help, you should definitely have an electrician take a look.

3. Put Away the Extension Cords

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While extension cords are great to use and can be very helpful, they’re not meant to be used all the time. They’re a temporary solution and shouldn’t be used to power your appliances on a long-term basis. If they’re not being used, put them away. They can cause electrical and fire hazards. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets to support your electrical needs, consider having new outlets installed.

4. Make Sure You Have Tamper-Resistant Electrical Receptacles

Nobody knows why children think it’s a fun game to put forks or other things into outlets. However, it can be very dangerous and result in severe shocks and burn accidents. There are caps and sliding receptacle covers that you can put on your outlets to deter little hands from messing with them, but children are smart. Over time, they’ll watch their parents or older children remove the caps and learn how to do it themselves.

What exactly are tamper-resistant electrical receptacles and how will they help keep children safer? According to the National Fire Protection Association

“These receptacles have spring-loaded shutters that close off the contact openings, or slots, of the receptacles. When a plug is inserted into the receptacle, both springs are compressed and the shutters then open, allowing for the metal prongs to make contact to create an electrical circuit. Because both springs must be compressed at the same time, the shutters do not open when a child attempts to insert an object into only one contact opening, and there is no contact with electricity. Tamper- resistant receptacles are an important next step to making the home a safer place for children.”

5. Check Your Electrical Panel or Breaker Box

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Did you know that old panels can cause fires if they’re overloaded? Electrical panels aren’t built to last forever. In fact, they should be replaced every 20 to 30 years. While there are ways to decode the serial number to find out how old your breaker is, your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer. They should be able to walk you through the process of finding out how old it is. If your house is only 20-30 years old, then it is likely that it’s only ever had one panel. At JP Electrical, we upgrade and install new electrical panels and would be more than happy to help get your home’s electrical system up to standard.

Need a Professional Electrical Safety Inspection?

Do you live in an older home or have you been experiencing a lot of electrical issues lately? A professional electrical safety inspection will help you identify the issue and get your home’s electrical system back up to par. Call JP Electrical and request an inspection today!

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