Unique Lighting for Office Spaces

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Oozle Media

Electric office lighting can seem so homogeneous at times. The same incandescent ceiling lights and boring fixtures hanging in the same way in every office space you enter. It seems as if there is some sort of standard office lighting package that comes along with every office. Of course, the lighting is usually installed in the building during construction phases, so many times there isn’t much choice for custom lighting options. Some offices, however, have decided to shed the standard flicking fluorescent ceiling lights and incorporate unique lighting within the space. These range from variations of recessed lighting to stylish pendant lights. The modern office space has evolved to feature more creative and welcoming lighting to accentuate the space.

Pendant Lights

The open office space layout has made pendant lighting a popular choice for lighting designs. These lights come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be incorporated to add some character to any office space. Blown glass pendant lights are popular, as are minimalist wire lights. These lights can still look good alongside other light fixtures, but as sole fixtures, they look best.

Track Lighting

No matter the layout of the office, track lighting can be a great way to improve the aesthetics of office space. These lights come in a range of sizes and designs and can light the entire office more efficiently than many standard office lighting fixtures. Many of these track lighting fixtures also feature energy efficient bulbs.

Recessed Lighting

This is one of the most common office lighting styles. Recessed lighting takes on different designs, but it generally involves embedding the light bulb into the ceiling inside a cylindrical fixture. These can comes in varying shapes and sizes, are well concealed, and can offer a pleasant ambiance in the office.

Floor Lights

Not many offices employ floor lights as the primary lighting source, but these lights can be a nice aesthetic addition to the office space. These fixtures come in virtually every size, shape, and color, and have a tremendous versatility as lights. Chances are there is some style of floor lighting that would fit the office perfectly. Since these are great supplemental lights, you don’t have to do any lighting renovations in the space.

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