What’s the Cost of Bad Electrical Work?

Posted on November 8, 2018 by Oozle Media

With everything we do there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. That is especially true when it comes to your home or business’s electrical work. You don’t want to hire just anybody off the street and you probably shouldn’t try to DIY it either (unless you are a trained professional). Otherwise, there could be big consequences.

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Here, we will take a brief look at three such burdensome costs. Then, we will expand on those costs by going into more detail about what some people might do to try to get their electrical issues fixed but could actually be making those problems worse.

3 Costs of Getting Bad Electrical Work Done

1. Squandering Away Your Money

When you think of costs finances are probably the first thing you think of. For many of us it’s a resource that shouldn’t be handled too lightly and it can hurt when it’s not managed properly. Yet, you could end up wasting it away by trying to fix your own electrical issues (i.e. buying the wrong parts) or hiring someone who isn’t a licensed professional (i.e. paying for a bad repair job only to have to pay another professional to fix their work).

2. Wasting Time

Time is valuable. If you’re trying to do your own electrical work and have never done it before, chances are that you’ll end up spending too much time looking at “How to…” videos on YouTube and going from store to store in search of the parts you need. You’ll also waste a lot of time going at it by the trial and error method where you keep at it until you finally get it done right.

3. Making the Problem Worse

Experience is necessary. If you don’t know what you’re doing, step back and call a professional. If you try to resolve your electrical issues on your own or let someone who isn’t licensed, your electrical problem could end up becoming a bigger one.

3 Things That Can Turn Your Electrical Problem into an Even Bigger Fiasco

1. Doing Your Own Electrical Work

If you’re trying to resolve your electrical issue by yourself, you could end up putting a wire where it shouldn’t be put in, cutting the wrong one out, or putting something in that shouldn’t even be there—all because a YouTube video made it look like you should. That could result in some serious damage that might make it so that more parts of your electrical system have to be fixed. The inevitable conclusion of a situation like this would be an increase in money having to be spent on repair attempts and the eventual hiring of a professional to fix the original issue as well as the damage that you may have caused through those attempts.

A quick note on DIY YouTube videos. Don’t trust everything you watch when it comes to DIY videos. It may look simple and you might think, “I bet I can fix that! I can save money by doing that on my own.” Wrong! Even if the YouTuber is demonstrating a situation that seems similar to yours, that doesn’t mean that the solution should be the same. There could be many reasons as to why your electrical system is having issues, and so it requires a professionally trained eye to detect the cause.

2. Having a Friend Do the Work for You

If your friend, relative or next door neighbor tells you they’ve fixed an issue similar to yours and would be willing to take a look at your electrical system, kindly thank them and go for professional help instead. Otherwise, you could end up putting yourself in a situation of liability. For example,

  • Who could be held responsible if this person gets hurt on your property?
  • Who should replace parts broken due to being mishandled during the repair?

The short and simple answer is no other than YOU! Don’t put yourself in a situation that could put you in a difficult situation if it ends up going wrong.

3. Hiring the First One You See

Don’t just pick the first electrical company that you see on Google or advertised on a car decal going down the freeway. Make sure to do your research. This is what you need to do before hiring them.

  • Make sure that they are certified and licensed (or else it could be costly).
  • Research their reputation—Yelp and Google Reviews will be your best friend!
  • Ask for references that you can call so you can be more confident in whether or not you should go with their electrical services.

If you don’t do these things, you could end up hiring someone who isn’t licensed and doesn’t have a reputation that you can lean on. Be careful, but don’t be fearful. There are actually good, highly trained and skilled electricians out there.

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