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Electric Car Costs

Electric Car CostsElectric cars have been gaining popularity over the past couple of decades. Although first invented in 1828, the electric car dwindled as gas powered vehicles became more popular. It wasn’t until the energy crises occurring in the 70s and 80s that the electric car came back into popularity, taking the market by storm. There are a few reasons why consumers have shifted from gas to electric powered vehicles, among them concerns for the environment and costs. Learn just how much energy is needed to power your electric vehicle.

The Electric Model

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In recent years, hybrids have been the most popular type of electric car on the market, running in part on electricity and part on gasoline. This may soon change as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Fiat 500e, and more make electric cars affordable for more people. With this change, look into the charging of these cars, and how much it will take for you to keep your car fueled. Take into account charging stations, the model, and other factors before making the investment to determine your costs from owning an electric vehicle.

These electric cars that are on the market today are for the most part first generations. This means that they often will be higher priced initially than the models to follow, and may have a certain number of problems that will be worked through with the models that will be coming in the future, including how long the charge will last. Take this into account when choosing which electric car will fit in with your lifestyle.


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One of the major concerns that comes with an electric vehicle is what it will take to charge. Some are worried that an electric car will mean a huge spike in the electric bill, but that isn’t the case. Plug in America, a leader in hybrid and electric car technology estimates that it will only cost up to $4 to fully charge a car that is all electric. This is far lower than the cost of filling up the equivalent in gas.

Make sure before purchasing an electric car that your garage is equipped to handle a car that must use electricity. Have the proper outlets installed into your garage before purchasing the car, making sure you will keep it charged at all times. In addition to this, you will notice charge stations becoming more popular around cities. These can be used by those with electric cars to keep them going.

Know the advantages and disadvantages you will have from investing in an electric car. The costs might be lower than you might think to charge. Make sure that the electrical wiring in your garage is ready to handle the additional weight of an electric car before making the purchase.