How to Make Sure You Pass Your Electrical Inspection

Posted on November 22, 2022 by Oozle Media

How to Make Sure You Pass Your Electrical Inspection

When you decide to buy or sell a home, you can expect an electrical inspection. An inspector will typically visit after new construction or a remodel takes place. Older homes should annually have electrical safety inspections. If you ever have an electrical problem, a troubleshooting assessment is necessary in identifying the source of the issue and determining when proper maintenance is needed to safely resolve and prevent further electrical problems in the future. If you are preparing for your first electrical inspection, there are a few ways you can make sure you pass the inspection. Read more to learn how.

What to Expect During an Inspection

A licensed home and building inspector will perform a full inspection before reporting any visible violations. It is uncommon for an electrician to do the actual inspection. An electrical inspector will examine the entire electrical system of your home and follow the safety standards of any appliances and electrical wiring. Here are a few things that the inspector will look for:

  • Ungrounded outlets
  • Exposed wires
  • If the circuit and breaker are functioning properly
  • Recommendations on upgrades or repairs
  • Surge Protection
  • Proper cable anchoring
  • Signs of shock or fire hazards
  • Electrical boxes
  • Box heights
  • Loose connections at the exterior service and panel
  • Proper clearance of overhead wiring
  • Disconnecting means on the exterior of the house
  • Proper wire size for each breaker
  • GFCI protection in areas around water
  • Warm/hot to the touch breakers, switches, or outlets

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will let you know if there is anywhere in your home that needs further maintenance or repairs. They will also prepare a report that you can provide to a potential buyer or insurance company. The purpose of an inspection is to improve and maintain the electrical safety of your home, so it is best to prepare for your inspection the best you can. 

For safety purposes, your bank or lending agency will want to see that all corrections have been made before providing any kind of loan. Whether you are the buyer or seller, most banks and lending agencies require upgrades to all of these items that are mentioned in our guide. A loan cannot be considered without these upgrades. 

How to Make Sure You Pass Your Electrical Inspection

How to Prepare for Your Electrical Inspection

It is always best to call in a professional electrician to resolve any electrical issues and to check the health of your electrical system, as it can be dangerous if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Inspections can feel stressful, so in preparation, it is best to contact the inspector on what types of circuits they require or what they may be looking for. Keep in mind that only a licensed electrical contractor should do any kind of electrical repair before the inspection. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for your electrical inspection and get an electrician involved today: 

Wire Safety 

Wires that remain exposed, damaged, or outdated can be a higher fire risk. If you notice any that are damaged, then it’s important to get them replaced immediately. If you currently live in an older home and if it is at least 30 years old, it might be about time you had an inspection and get your wires replaced. Here are some ways you can determine when it is time to replace your wires: 

  • Burning Smell – A burning smell in your home could be a sign of faulty wiring. If you are not sure where the smell is coming from, you may want to contact an electrician.
  • Dim Lights – Check your light bulbs first to know if that is where the dim or flickering lighting is coming from. If you come to find out later that it is not coming from your light bulb, then this could mean that your wiring is not providing enough power.
  • Outlet Smoking- When smoke comes out of an electrical outlet, this is not a good sign and can result in a fire. Any sign of smoke requires immediate attention. 
  • Warmer Outlet Area – It is also best to avoid the outlets from getting hot and this is a result of wires becoming hot. 
  • Stained Outlets – Discolored outlets come from electrical surges in your home’s power. 

Kitchen Appliances and Outlets

Large kitchen appliances use a lot of power and it is not safe to plug all of your appliances in the same outlet. If you don’t have enough outlets in your kitchen, then we highly recommend calling your local electrician to install more. 

Protect Outlets from Water

It’s no surprise that water and electricity don’t work well together, so the proper setup of outlets in your bathroom is important for following safety precautions. Outlets that are located close to water sources, should regularly use a socket cover to prevent any water or moisture from entering inside.

Bathroom outlets should always have a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). A GFCI is used to protect anyone in the household from severe electrical shocks. It can be built into the home’s electrical system or into a power cord. GFCI circuit protection is typically required for any appliances and outlets that are located near water. These are typically common for bathrooms and kitchens. 

Upgrade Fire Safety

Often homeowners don’t realize that upgrading the fire safety is an important part of the electrical inspection. It is important that you follow all the state law requirements and standards for fire safety. This includes installing, testing, and maintaining your home’s smoke detector devices. Become familiar with the fire codes in Utah to best prepare for your inspection. 

How to Make Sure You Pass Your Electrical Inspection

Sufficient Amount of Lighting 

During the process of selling your home, an inspector is going to check on whether or not your lighting works properly, especially on staircases and in hallways. Be sure to have adequate lighting in your home to avoid any accidents.

The Professionals at JP Electrical Can Help

Whether you are in need of panel upgrades, replacements, or ensuring everything is up to date before your electrical inspection, the professionals at JP Electrical can get the job done for you. We are your friendly Utah neighbors here to help you pass your electrical inspection! Contact us today for additional information on any electrical troubleshooting or repairs.


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