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Fall Energy Saving Tips

Published on: October 16, 2015 By: Oozle Media

Energy Saving tips for when cooler temps start Have you taken the necessary steps to prepare for fall? Take action today and start saving money on your energy bill. Here are some energy saving tips or you can always Contact us for any electrical inspection or maintenance needs you might have while prepping your home. 1….

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Home Buyer’s Electrical Checklist

Published on: July 21, 2015 By: Oozle Media

To make your home buying process easier we’ve put together a list of things inspect when evaluating your potential new home’s electrical system.

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Top 6 Home Electrical Mistakes

Published on: February 16, 2015 By: Oozle Media

View image | Electricity is a delicate element to work with and requires experience, proper tools, and safety to carry out effectively. Everything from making electrical connections and cutting wires to installing outlets and switches, there is not a lot of room for error when dealing with electrical systems. While not every mistake is…

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Preventing Holiday Electrical Problems

Published on: December 4, 2014 By: Oozle Media

#481016667 / The holiday season is upon us and with the festivities of the season come increased risks for home electrical problems and even fires. House fires represent a significant portion of fire department responses this time of year. Many of these fires are caused by fireplaces and wood burning stoves, but many are a…

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Best Winter Energy Savings Tips

Published on: November 10, 2014 By: Oozle Media

Winter is a season where energy costs tend to rise due to increased power and gas usage to heat the home and power devices. Saving on energy bills is a big concern for many people throughout the winter months. Reducing energy use is not only good for your utility bills, but can also make a…

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