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Why Does My Electrical Outlet Feel Hot?

Published on: March 30, 2016 By: Oozle Media

You may have noticed that after using your outlet it feels hot. Why is that? A hot outlet could mean there is a problem within your home. Discover why your outlet is hot and what you can do about it.

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15 Popular Kitchen Lighting Styles

Published on: February 16, 2016 By: Oozle Media

You’re renovating your kitchen and the last thing you need to pick out is the lighting. This is crucial because the lighting is everything! Here are some of our favorite lighting styles for your kitchen that we’ve seen.

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Why You Need an Electrician

Published on: January 21, 2016 By: Oozle Media

When it comes to your electricity, that is something you don’t want to mess with on your own. Without proper training something can go wrong, costing you more. With JP Electrical, you can trust that we’ll fix the problem the first time.

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Home Accent Lighting Tips

Published on: December 17, 2015 By: Oozle Media

When it comes to setting a particular mood or decor in your home, lighting plays a huge role in creating the perfect feel. The right illumination can be the one thing holding back your house from becoming your dream home. Check out the accent lighting tips below and elevate the mood in your home today!…

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Homeowner’s Guide to Holiday Lighting

Published on: November 12, 2015 By: Oozle Media

Decorating for the holidays can be more dangerous than people realize. Take extra care to properly set up all of your lighting displays. Check out our Homeowner’s Guide to Holiday Lighting to help you brighten your holidays safely!

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